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Here is a picture of my parents dog, Reese.  Haven't made any posts about him but it is only a matter of time.  Best dog in the world.


Is Saying Excuse Me Even Necessary

Ok, so you are walking out of a store with... say... a sandwich. You see a person in front of you walking out the door. What do you do? A) Keep walking as if they are going to continue out the door, B)Allow them to hold the door for you, letting you exit first, or C)Walk right into them because they decide to look at their cell phone in the doorway. Recently my answer has been C way too much. It is as if people try to find new and inventive ways to get in the way as if they are the only one on earth. Is it ever that important to initiate a phone call as you are in the doorway leaving a deli? Is your text really that important that people need to know what you are thinking at that exact second? If you had even an inkling of self awareness you would wait until you are fully out of the store and not causing a line just to exit. I mean, I know there are sometimes lines to get into places, but lines to get out are ridiculous. It just goes to show you how big of a time crunch everyone is in throughout the city. People literally can't wait to get their wallet back in their pants before they get on their cell phone and crawl out of wherever they are. I am really starting to think these kinds of things only happen to me. I know, I have heard that if I look for things to go wrong, I will inevitably find something. But seriously, why do I always seem to find something? That is why I ask if it is just me at the end of all of these posts. I guess the average person doesn't care but after 8 years living in the city it is time to stop caring and just run these people down. No regrets.

I was stopping in a deli after the gym a couple days ago because I needed to make my donation to the pool of money given out for Powerball. I don't even want to think about how much money I have drained into trying to win Mega Millions or Powerball. I think it is a sickness though because I will continue to do this whenever I see the jackpot over $100 million... every time. But anyway, I was waiting in line for my tickets because apparently everyone else thinks they are going to be a winner also. Unfortunately I was waiting behind two old women that think if they pick the lottery numbers themselves, they have a better chance. So I have to wait for them to fill out their stupid forms... why would they let someone behind them go that is just getting the quick pick. I definitely would have taken her winning ticket. In reality, none of us has a chance. The winner is always someone from Georgia that bought one ticket when they were going to get gas. This is obviously something that doesn't please me a ton but I will save that rant for later. So I finished my transaction of throwing $20 down the toilet when I was about to leave the deli. There was a rather robust man in front of me that had purchased, you guessed it... a sandwich and large bag of chips. I am talking about the family size bag, not just the "extra 20%" one. He was wearing sweat pants also, so I should have known it was going to be a problem from the beginning. I was a couple steps behind him about to leave when it happened. He stopped in the doorway and took out his phone and began to text. This was obviously a good place to get this done. I ended up stepping on his shoe. My bad, I should have known he was going to do this, it is blatantly my fault. The end result... he turned around and gave me a look as if I was the one in the wrong. You should always expect a person to stop on a dime in the doorway of a deli and text their cool sweatpants friends. This was after the gym also. I usually feel a little tougher after the gym so this could have ended up very bad for me. He had a good 50 pounds on me. I must be getting better at managing the old anger issue, see mom, I am working on it.

When one of these things happen I start to realize that it isn't a rare occurance though. I was getting dinner at a pizza place today and some guy decided to walk about as slow as possible out the door because he had friends out there. Obviously that means that no one else matters. This was once again after the gym but these guys also all had a good 50 pounds on me also. It is so nice to see that everyone is fat now. The guys bill at the pizza place was $50... a slice of pizza is $2 just giving you some perspective on what there 3 guys ate. It really shouldn't be that hard of a concept to finish your motion of leaving a location. If someone were to stop in front of one of these people, causing them to have to wait in line to leave, they would not be happy. It just goes along with my theme of how no one cares about anyone but themselves. Today I held the door for the trainers at the gym, held the elevator for someone in my building, stopped at a crosswalk to let a couple people pass in front of me at a light, and left a tip at the pizza place because of the quick service. That guy in the door just got in the way, he didn't really seem like a door holding type. I am sure if one of his friends asked for a potato chip, he would have yelled at them. People are so civil these days. Well, either that or I am just a model human being. But hey, maybe it's just me.


This Is What We Consider A Meal These Days... Gross...

Ok, so there are some foods out there that are generously labeled edible. The worse the food is for you, the cheaper it is though. Therein lies the reason this country is so obese. As much as I used to eat it, one of the main culprits out there is Taco Bell. When I first moved into the city I think I probably ate it 2 or 3 times a week. Where else can you get 3 tacos and all the sides you want for $5. There was actually one thing, I forget the name, that was like a soft taco with potatoes in it... so good. Hey, I was making no money and the rent in the city is out of control. It was either that or ramen noodles and sometimes you need a protein to make sure your body doesn't fall apart. Protein is also being generous because I think I heard in the past, and this could be completely wrong, that they used grade D beef there. Grade D is what is used in cat food. I walked by it recently in the city and it had a restaurant rating of "A" so it has to be wrong or they do a good job of hiding it. Restaurant... ok, yeah.

A couple years ago I remember they were advertising some type of taco thing that weighed 1 pound. Who needs a whole pound of taco from there? I am sure it was loaded with sour cream and other things they scraped off the tables and trays after someone left. I mean, when you go to a legit Mexican restaurant you probably get the equivalent of that but it is actual food. This 1 pound taco only cost like $5 though. People that order this thing should just eat it in the bathroom... that is where they will end up 2 minutes after they finish anyway. They also recently were advertising a taco with a big Dorito as the shell. A taco can't be terrible for you. Corn shell, beef, tomato and lettuce. They are actively going out of their way to make this as unhealthy as possible. Like everyone else, I love Doritos but you don't need to eat the whole bag to get your fix. This taco shell has to be equal to an entire bag. Thinking about it, I guess it really isn't that bad for you but why can't we just leave good enough alone? The only thing more disgusting out there is when KFC put out that sandwich using pieces of fried chicken instead of bread with cheese and bacon in the middle. I am a fan of KFC though so I don't want to say anything bad about them. The popcorn chicken from there is one of the things I would have on a desert island if I could only bring 3 things. The one thing Taco Bell does though is fill you up. It serves the purpose I guess. When you have to advertise your food as weighing a full pound, I think you are missing the point of the meal. Do you ever really need a pound of anything? Also, taco salad... who do you think you are kidding? I am sure people go there and order that and think they are eating healthy. If that is the case, you deserve to be 400 pounds.

It is just sad that these kinds of meals are normal these days. It just goes back to my thoughts of how people really don't care about their bodies as long as they fill their basic needs. These places exist for a reason though and there is never a lack of a line at lunch. Once in a while it might not be terrible but I don't think I have gone to Taco Bell in 6 years. However, like I said, when you don't have the money to spend on something else, it works. There isn't a lack of people in the city that can't afford to go anywhere else, and these are the people in which Taco Bell thrives. When you can get your whole meal for $5 I guess you can't expect the food to be top rate. And people really do enjoy it so I can't put them down for eating it but I can stay away and mock from a distance. As long as I stay at least 20-30 feet away, by the time one of these people run towards me, they will be out of breath and clutching their chest. They might even make it 2 or 3 steps before they are completely immobile. I can just step over them and walk away. But hey, maybe it's just me.


Next Time... I'll Drive, Thanks

Ok, so recently I have convinced myself that I am in good shape.  I might not do as much cardio as I should be doing but I do a lot of walking during the day.  I make sure I walk back and forth from work at least once and get out for a small walk here and there when I can.  It al equals to like 30-45 minutes of walking during the day.  I know, I know... real cardio is when you get your heart rate over a certain number but I get soooo bored on the treadmill or exercise bike.  Hey, it is cardio to me.  Well, that and when I am done with everything else all I want to do is go home.  I used to get shin splints in the past also, but as long as I don't wear flip flops for long distances I am fine.  I obviously changed something so I am bettering myself.  So when it comes to hiking, I think I am good to go.  After all, it is just an extended walk, right?  Yeah, not so much.  Well, I mean I guess when you take out snakes, ticks and jagged rocks it isn't much more than walking.  But wait, there is also uphill, which becomes a problem.  I guess what I am trying to say here is that I am not in as good shape as I thought and I might need to do something about it.

This stems from last weekend.  A buddy of mine is getting married and for his bachelor party, we went camping.  We were 8 guys, so we obviously thought we would be good to go for hiking.  No need for stretching or really getting ready for it, we just forged ahead.  This wasn't random hiking, the campsite is kind of known for it.  There are 4 or 5 trails you can take up the mountain.  We obviously took the hardest and most manly one of them all.  It started off easy, there were a couple of small bodies of water we had to cross.  Water plus rocks equals slippery.  Well, at least slippery to me.  The first little one we had to cross, only one of us ended up stepping in the water.  Take a wild guess who that was.  Come to think of it, I was the only one to fall at all... period.  I did know we were going hiking also but I didn't think to bring any shoes that were good for this kind of thing.  One of the guys was eve wearing hiking sandals and he didn't even end up with one foot in the water.  The result for me though... 3 hours of walking in wet shoes and socks, my feet are really pretty today.  Being that we didn't even really start the walk yet, I wasn't looking forward to the rest.

The first 45 minutes of the hike... completely uphill.  Talk about out of breath.  I didn't want to be the guy to ask everyone to stop so I could steady myself so we just moved on.  When we got to the end of that first leg, I don't think I could even talk.  I am sure no one was terribly upset with that though.  The next 45 minute part of the hike brought us to the highest point of any trail out there. (picture shown)  Now, I am not a scenery guy but it was pretty cool.  So we were about an hour and a half into the hike and that is where we sat down to have a granola bar and water.  Being diabetic, I was happy for this part.  There is one problem though, when you are an hour and a half into a hike... you need to walk the hour and a half back.  At least we did the whole uphill part in the beginning so the walk down should be a breeze... or so we thought.

So apparently mountains are rocky.  It seriously felt like we were rock climbing down the mountain.  We were maneuvering through rocks coated in wet leaves.  I didn't fall but my feet came out from under me at least 5 times.  All I could do was picture myself flying down the hill and hitting every rock on the way down.  Eventually ending up with one of my legs bent the wrong way and no way to get me out of there.  Lovely thoughts.  The worst part about it was that there was a person walking in front of me so if I went down, I wouldn't be the only one.  Someone actually let me walk in front of them because they didn't want to get taken out by me.  We made it down though and got to the tree line before the road we needed to follow before we took the last 2 mile walk back to the site.  Someone decided to look up though... there was an 8 foot or so snake up in a tree.  It didn't even occur to me to look for snakes, I was more worried about looking for bears.  Looking back, maybe this long distance hike thing isn't really for me.

So, yeah, the hike could have gone better but it still was a lot of fun.  Just too bad today I was pretty much unable to go up and down stairs because my legs are so sore.  I also happened to find a small tick on me but at least it wasn't under my skin and I was able to just flick i off.  I can't imagine lyme disease is so fun.  I did look back at the trail afterwards also though and there is a road leading up to that scenic overlook we hiked to.  Next time I think I will just drive up there and meet the guys rather than do the actual walk myself.  Being able to walk and go up and down stairs comes in handy.  But hey, maybe it's just me.



Sometimes I Like To Go Outside... Contrary To Popular Belief

Ok, so this weekend coming up is a big one for me. One of my good friends, whom I have been friends with for like 20 years, is getting married in July. It is also in Vermont... I live in New York... very convenient, I appreciate it. I also have to go to a wedding the weekend after in New Hampshire. I like driving, but come on. Back to my point though, we are having his bachelor party this weekend. Usually these occur in Atlantic City or Las Vegas, or at least those have been my past experiences. This one is different though, we are going camping in upstate New York. I haven't been camping in like 10 years so I am kind of excited. It has been a long week though so I was looking forward to relaxing this weekend but you sleep when you are dead, right? We are driving up tomorrow and staying until Sunday. It is going to cost us a grand total of $30 each for the campsite. The last bachelor party I went to was in Atlantic City and $30 barely covered parking. Camping, I have no chance of losing money also... unless my wallet falls out of my pants during the hike. I used to go camping all the time with my neighbors when I was little. My parents are, how do I put this nicely, adventurously challenged. It was a lot of fun though, just being outside is a good time. The best part is obviously the whole campfire experience. Cold outside and a nice fire... couple beers... marshmallows. Not something I get done very often in the city. I will always think of the Blair Witch Project when camping though, so if I don't put up another entry next week, grab a friend and a gun and head into the woods looking for me. There are always going to be curve balls thrown at you in the woods so you just need to be prepared.

There are two things that stick out in my mind when i think of camping. The first must have been when I was no older than 12. I went camping with my neighbors, two of my best friends lived there so they always asked me to tag along. This wasn't the first time I went with them and we went back to the same sites from time to time so we got to know the areas. This one time was different though. We had been there for a couple days and then everything seemed to shut down slowly. We noticed that there were an abnormal amount of police officers just wandering around also. We were asking my friends parents what was going on but they were being slightly vague when answering our questions. We would always bring our bikes with us when we went camping so we decided to ride down to the front of the campsite to try to figure out what was going on. We were in for a nice surprise also... definitely something I had never witnessed before. A couple of guys were camping and got into an argument. Long story short, one of the guys stabbed and killed the other. The cops probably shouldn't have divulged this information to three kids under 15 but we were glad they did. The murderer actually stayed around after stabbing his friend and called the police and an ambulance because he realized what he had done. He did ditch the murder weapon though, so I guess he didn't want to get arrested for anything but was nice enough to try and get this other guy some help. Too bad it was a little late. The next step was for the cops to go up to the site and try to find the knife. We would ride our bikes up and down the roads to check things out. There was a river near their site also so they broke out the scuba suits and the cops looked in the water... not gonna lie, that was kinda cool. We left a few days later and they hadn't found the weapon so we never really found out what really happened. The song "Bohemian Rhapsody" was on in the car at least 5 times when we were driving around so I will forever think about this murder when I hear that song. Oh, memories.

The second experience happened the last time I went camping, which was about 10 years ago. A couple friends and I decided to go on road trip down the east coast. We were just looking to have an adventure so we camped all along the way in different states. The most memorable site was the one we stayed in Tennessee. FYI... Sonic is amazing and Tennessee was the only place I saw one. They serve tater tots ALL DAY. Back to the story though. We went during an off season for most of these campsites so we ended up being essentially the only ones there except for the owners and their children. There was a pool there so we ended up going a couple times and the little children of the owners always seemed to want to play with us. This was all well and good for a while but it got to be a little much. One of the children was asking my friend Sue how she knew my friend Tim and I. We were the three on the trip. She proceeded to tell the child that she was married to both of us and we were on vacation. I am not sure what led up to this but, in hindsight, it wasn't the best story to make up. We were in Tennessee, things can tend to be slightly backwards so the parents of these children didn't find it very amusing. That night, we built a fire and had some beers, same thing we had done the night before. However, as we were sitting by the fire you could faintly see someone sitting on a picnic table a couple sites away. We felt like they were watching us and it was weird, very weird. We obviously figured they were eventually going to kill us because my friend said she was married to both of us the the owners children and that wasn't ok. That night, whenever my friend Sue had to pee, she made me walk outside the tent with her. My friend Tim and I also slept with knives in our hands in case we needed to defend ourselves. Unfortunately, you can't lock the flap on the tent so we were kind of out in the open. Ok, maybe we were slightly dramatic but better safe than sorry. Looking back, the most dangerous part about that night could have been one of us rolling over onto an open knife and cutting ourselves. I feel like everyone has this same experience camping, once again, good memories.

Needless to say, I will be expecting the worst on this trip so hopefully I get let down. In every camping movie, half the campers get killed so we are all ingrained with thoughts of death and camping. I have just witnessed some of this in real life, so that just adds to the thoughts in my head. There are going to be 6 or 7 of us there though so I think we can hold our own. So, like I said above, if you don't see any entries early next week be afraid, be very afraid. If I get killed by rednecks or the Blair Witch, what are you all going to read to kill time. I just need to make sure no Queen songs are allowed on the radio or anyone's iPod or the odds might be slightly out of my favor. But hey, maybe it's just me.


Pedestrian Stop Signs... Wave Of The Future

Ok, so when you see an eight sided, red sign what does it usually mean?  As long as you have ever driven a car in your life, or at least been in one, or stepped outside of your house, you should know it is a stop sign.  What are you supposed to do at a stop sign?  Well, I guess that part is up in the air.  If there are other cars around you stop, if there aren't then you kinda slow down to make it look like you are stopping and roll right through.  These aren't very hard concepts to understand.  If you are walking around in... well... anywhere, you know that if  you see a stop sign, you are allowed to cross the street and the cars should stop for you.  Should being the key word there, some people don't pay attention to the road, have you ever driven in Jersey?  There should be 4 or 5 different driving tests and you should need to pass them all.  Now these signs are all over the place on the roads but I have a seriously good idea for major cities like New York.  Some people just don't seem to care about anyone else when they are walking and act like they are the only one out there.  I am over that though.  We live in a society, if you want to play by your own rules, buy an island and get lost.  It is pretty crazy that I should even need to talk about things like this.  Hell, even Forrest Gump got the point when the whole crowd yelled at him to "STOP" on the football field.  It is a sad day when you realize most of the people around you don't have the intelligence of Forrest Gump.  Ugh.

My idea for this happened today when I was going home after work.  Usually when I am walking down the sidewalk the last thing I think about are people leaving a store.  I am more worried about how I am going to pass the gang of ladies with strollers that are looking at a pair of shoes on sale in a window.  I usually also stop at lights when I decide that I don't particularly feel like getting hit by a car that day.  Bikers are my new pet peeve so I am forced to look around for them also.  But anyway, I was walking by an office building and the sidewalk was pretty full.  All of a sudden 3 girls busted out the door and on to the sidewalk.  One of them actually hit me with her bag.  I don't even expect anyone to apologize anymore, so when it doesn't happen I am not surprised.  I am more shocked when they actually do.  They didn't even look though, they just exploded out the door and into rush hour traffic.  If they were in a car, they would have gotten smashed up... and they would have deserved it.  They also looked like the types of chicken heads that would have flipped out if I did that to them.  Things happen though, so I kind of wrote it off as just another annoyance I witness on my walk home.  Half a block later, it happened again.  This time I was a step away from getting hit with the actual door.  Yeah, that would have sucked.  Not only did this girl bust out through a door that swung outwards towards the street but she stepped out and stopped and just stood there... holding the door.  Didn't wait for a break in the traffic, just did it.  Now get mad at me when I am driving, see someone who randomly cuts someone off and proceeds to go slow or keep their blinker on and never turn and assume it just might be a female driver.  As hot as these girls thought they were, doing that is not ok.  If they were guys I probably would have clipped one of them with my shoulder.  Yeah, I have been going back to the gym, deal with it.  There has to be some way we can put an end to this and I want to be the one to do it.

The answer... pedestrian stop signs.  As much as I feel this doesn't need to happen, I really think it does.  Outside of every door in the city, there should be a little sign saying "Stop" or "Yield" and maybe have a little disclaimer saying to follow this especially between the hours of 8-9 in the morning and 4-6 in the afternoon.  I could make a killing off this though, every building in the city would need to buy one.  Not just New York City but EVERY city.  Well, we could do this or people could just stop being so stupid.  If this were to happen to any of these people committing the crime, they would be pissed.  It would even create jobs.  We could have some law enforcement walking around the city giving people tickets for this.  In my opinion, each ticket would be for $15 and I would get $5.  I would never have to work another day in my life.  Once again, it makes me sad that I even had to think about this though.  In the past I have talked about people needing a license to walk around the city.  People could even get points on their license.  Wow, this is getting better than I thought.  Getting this done would just make me completely right, again.  But hey, maybe it's just me.

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