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If anyone has any suggestions or something you want me to talk about send me an email.  I have the tendency to be opinionated so I won't let you down.  I will even use your name, yes you will be immortalized on the Internet for everyone to see.  I was thinking about it and I have a decent amount of ideas but as I move forward I might need a little help.


Also if there is anything you all want to see added to the site to make navigating easier please let me know.  I am always looking for new widgets to add to increase the entertainment for my readers.  I was concerned I would be embarrassed by putting my thoughts out there for the world to see but I have received nothing but support so anything I can do for you let me know.  The "Contact" page is only a click away.

Here is a picture of my parents dog, Reese.  Haven't made any posts about him but it is only a matter of time.  Best dog in the world.


This Is A Real Person, I Promise...

Ok, so I have to be very careful with this one.  I am not saying that I worked for a company that would only give me my final paycheck if I signed a paper saying I wouldn't say anything bad about the company or anything.  I'm just saying...  I have always been told to do a lot of research about a firm before I started working there but there is only so much you can do to make sure they continue the upstanding reputation they had in the past.  It takes talet to take a company that has been around for 10+ years and single handedly bring it down in the period of like 6 months.  Or so I hear.  I am going to have to change names of everything to protect myself from being sued but I will make sure to get my point across.  I hear some guys threaten to have their fathers sue other people saying their dad is the best lawyer i the city.  Just to be clear, these guys would tend to be in their 40's, not 10 when saying their father is better than yours.  To be safe, I am going to give the guy initials for his name, let's say... TSF.  We may or may not have a picture on the wall at work with a photo of a guy bathing in the gold from a treasure chest.  I also may or may have not put his name and wrote "Thief, Swindler, Fat" as the caption.  That is where I get the name from, I have become an expert using the paint program on my computer.  I am sure I have glanced over this topic in the past but I think I am going to get a little more in depth this time.  Little things pop into my head that bring back these terrible memories brought on my the tyrant, otherwise known as TSF.

Everything was running so smooth at this job.  Never worried about getting fired or not getting the money you earned.  Well, not until TSF started to run the firm.  He came in, pissed everyone off, hired a big group of people the company couldn't support and drove the company into the ground.  Running it into the ground didn't bother me because all the signs were there but there were just other aspects of this man that rubbed me the wrong way.  My group made all the arrangements to move to a new firm so we had a little lag time but it was like nothing ever changed.  I have worked with the same guys for what I feel like has been forever.  It would have been easy for me to pick up and go somewhere else myself but there is a sense of loyalty there.  That, and this never gets back to them, I don't mind hanging out with them.  There are only so many people I can stand on a day to day basis and it is not like we each have our own office, we are sitting back to back.  I mean, we have our conflicts, but everything works out for the best.  TSF used to call up the guy that ran my desk and ask his advice on things that would be detrimental to the firm if anything went wrong.  This guy couldn't even make a decision on his own.  He would run around like a chicken with his head cut off and I am also under the impression he, allegedly, did drugs in his office.  Reminds me of a Chapelle joke I have on my iPod.  "Can't have a coke head in charge, he will be selling secrets for like $5 bucks and sh*t."  Same thing here.  All the signs were there but we had just been at the company so long we felt comfortable.  No one thought TSF would have the power to bring the whole things down... naive doesn't even brush the surface.

On top of all of this, TSF didn't offer us COBRA.  I have mentioned this before but it just baffles me how someone can do this to other human beings.  All he had to do was check the box "yes" and put up the money he would be getting back in the future.  Messing with someone's job is one thing but when you mess with their health you are really sticking it to them.  This man witnessed, we at least some of the people close to him did, me getting taken out of the office on a stretcher because of my pre-existing conditions that require insurance... or millions of dollars.  Unfortunately, I don't have the money tree in the city so I need to work a living.  The word "ponzi" came to mind but that is just my opinion.  I have been involved in a ponzi scheme in the past so I know the signs.  Never going to see that money again... Nick Cosmo, not such a good guy.  I guess they didn't have the money to lay out and I guess that is why... or at least that is what I am telling myself.  Now there are some guys I dislike, mr. tennis, but this is a guy I would love to see behind bars.  He would deserve everything that would be coming to him.  I would send him the extra slippery soap.  He comes from money though, so he is set for life.  Those are the worst kind of people though.  Have had everything handed to him and doesn't understand that people actually have to work for their money. 

Long story short, TSF is real.  He is the one that withheld our paychecks until we signed the papers saying we would keep our mouths shut.  Believe me, I wish I could divulge more information.  Then people wonder how I have such little faith in humanity.  Just the fact that this man was able to get this done in this day and age is impressive.  I don't know whether to be pissed at him or give him a medal for a job well done.  If I am just being bitter here and I have no reason to be mad, let me know.  Have been told in the past that I just need to let things go... this is just one I can't.  But hey, maybe it's just me.


Is That A... Yeah... Gross

Ok, so living in the city you come across things once in a while that are not so appealing. In my first apartment, about 7 years or so ago, I witnessed something in my room in my apartment that was pretty disgusting. I would hear like a rustling sound every here and there but I never saw anything. I didn't have anyone come to clean my apartment so I was pretty much on my own. My motto is... if you can't see it, it must be clean. There were piles of crap everywhere with stuff under there that would choke a maggot. That is obviously not the way to go. Long story short, it was a mouse. They were doing construction across the street from my building also, so that usually knocks them out of their hiding places. I called my super and he set up some glue traps but the little guy was too crafty. Luckily, this didn't happen until a few months before we were moving so I just let it go and tried to step on the floor as little as possible. This did cause me, however, to constantly think the mouse was in my shoe before I was about to put them on. I didn't think it had been there so long but when I was moving all my stuff out of my room on the last day... let's just say, it left it's mark and was a lot worse than I thought. I lived there for like 3 years though so if that was the least of my problems, I had it pretty good. Since then I have had a maid service come to clean every three weeks. This forces me to keep my place a little cleaner than usual because I was always taught that your place needs to be spotless before they arrive. Unfortunately, mice aren't the only things crawling around this city that you never want to see in your apartment.

So yesterday I was shaving. I am not a fan of it but it needs to be done. I have tried to leave the beard before but it gets too itchy for me. But anyway, I moved the mirrors around to get a better look at the situation. Last thing I want to do it leave a patch and make myself look ridiculous. It takes me a few minutes but I shave my face so it leaves a little stubble because I look like I am 10 when I am clean shaven. This cuts the amount of time needed in half. Sometimes I stand in the bath tub when I am shaving so the beard hairs don't fall onto the ground and make the place look like a sty. This happened to be one of those times. I then noticed something in the sink. I hadn't used it for more than washing my hands in the recent past so I wasn't sure what it was. It kinda looked like string from a distance but I didn't know how it could have ended up in the sink. Then my mind started churning and I just didn't want to even look to see what it was. Obviously, I had to though because if it was anything undesirable, I would at some point have to get rid of it. So yeah, I walked closer to get a better look. The things that I thought were string, weren't string pieces at all... they were legs. In the sink was an upside down, dead cockroach. This is literally the first one I have seen up close... and it was pretty gross. It had to have been dead though because there would be no reason it would be upside down and not moving. I wasn't going to use toilet paper to pick it up and I sure as hell wasn't going to use my hand. I took a wash cloth and grabbed it and dropped it in the toilet and flushed as fast as I could. I thought I saw one of the legs move but I am sure it was just in my head. I now think I see them everywhere and it kind of freaks me out. Thanks cockroaches, my life is now consumed looking for your annoying asses.

I try to keep things clean and not leave food out for this particular reason. The maids have never said anything about seeing any cockroaches either in any of the little notes they leave me. At this point, I am convinced they found it outside and placed it on top of one of my mirrors so that it would fall into the sink when I moved anything. I mean, it was already dead. Where could it have come from? Either that or they planted a listening device in my bathroom and it got lodged out of place and I found it. Or maybe neither and it was just there. Regardless, I am not terribly happy about it. I was also thinking that my super has been sending out an awful lot of letters regarding an exterminator in the building and contacting him if anyone needed any help. These things are probably all over the place here and one found its way into my sink. Wonderful. I will keep you all posted on further sightings and with my luck I am sure it wasn't the last. But hey, maybe it's just me.


Yeah, I Am The One People Don't Want To Be Around

Ok, so taking a cab around the city is a necessary evil that everyone needs to deal with. Usually it is manageable and allows me to stay far away from the subways. Although a big reason I stay clear of the subways are the people and the smells that come out of them underground. Apparently if you are below everyone else, you are allowed to smell as bad as humanly possible. Not to mention when it is hot. It has been like 100 recently so these are the days I don't get within 50 feet of a subway station. Therefore I am down to two options... walking or taking a cab. I was thinking about it today though. If you get a cab that isn't terribly clean, it smells worse than the subway and you are stuck. I have never walked out of a cab because of a smell but I have wanted to. Sometimes I am just too nice. I end up having to put the window of the cab down even when it is like 15 degrees outside. How could they not know the smell when I am wearing a winter coat, wool hat and gloves and put the windows down and have my hear sticking out of the cab. You would think this would give them a heads up. At least in the subway, you can move away from the person who you don't want to be around. Cab is the lesser of two evils though. I am convinced that if terrorists want to attack the city next, the subway is where it will happen. The simple amount of people in the subway during rush hour would far out number a tall building. That is my story and I am sticking to it. I have actually been considering moving to Jersey City when my lease is up, I refuse to pay over $3,000 a month for an apartment in the city but that is another story. The thing is that I am going to have to get to Manhattan somehow. There is either the ferry or I have to take the PATH. Well, I could always just get better at swimming. I guess I am stuck between a rock and a hard place but I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

Cabs in the city are slightly ridiculous for a number of reasons. I was stuck over on the west side a few days back. The further west you get, the less amount of cabs are around. So I saw a couple but they had their "off duty" light on. They stopped for me but refused to drive over to the east side. Then I got lucky, or so I thought, and a person got out of a cab on the corner I was waiting to cross. I made sure to look at the light and they were on duty. I was about to step in the cab and the guy asked me where I was going. I told him the east side and he asked me to get out because he didn't feel like going cross town either. I wasn't aware this happened... well... ever. So my stubbornness stepped in. To get back at the cabs of the city I decided to walk home. I was pretty much on 12th street in the Hudson River. It had to be a good 3 miles back to my place. I passed probably 5 subway stations on the way home but I was trying to make a point. Yeah, I really got them. I was wearing flip flops and it was more on the warmet side also but at least I didn't have to go to the gym that day. Well, more like couldn't go because I could walk due to the 5 fresh blisters on the bottom of my feet. Nedless to say, my feet were basically out of commission for the rest of the week. But hey, at least I win in my own head and that is all that really matters, right?

Another time happened when I was in Philly visiting one of my friends from college. I am a Yankee fan and not afraid to show it, hence the beautiful hat I wear every so often. Apparently people in Philly don't like that fact though. We stopped for cheese steaks and two guys in Phillies hats were staring me down. Not gonna lie, I got slightly defensive. People made comments here and there about my hat but it didn't seem like a huge deal. Then it was time for me to go back to the train station to make my way back to the city. I left my friends apartment and went outside to get a cab. I was wearing my Yankee hat and standing on the corner watching cab after cab pass me by. It is a little different there, I think, and I didn't see the same lights you see on the cabs in the city saying if they are free or not. I had been waiting like 10 minutes and it started to be crunch time and I needed to really get to the station so I didn't miss my train. I actually called my friend to find out if there was a better corner to stand on to find one. I then began to think. It really coulnd't be because of the Yankee hat, could it? So I decided to do an experiment and turned my hat backwards. I had a cab within 30 seconds. Now it could have been a coincidence but it makes you think. Regardless, once I got in the cab I made sure to turn my hat back the right way and he didn't make me leave so once again it was a victory in my book.

I really feel like I am a normal looking guy. I try to look as far from a terrorist as possible. I see no reason why I should have so much trouble getting a cab. This isn't just in the city though, apparently it is everywhere. I always make sure I am wearing deodorant, which is more than I can say about the guys driving the cabs. They are doing me a favor by picking me up though I guess. When I am on a long cab ride and it starts to get expensive I even leave a bigger tip. I am going to start wearing a pin that says "good tipper." I guess it really is true, nice guys finish last. Hey, I really am a nice guy I promise. I mean, my mom says so, so it has to be true. But hey, maybe it's just me.


I Guess At Every Workplace There Is That Special Scumbag

Ok, so I have an excuse for missing my post yesterday and it wasn't my usual "I was too tired" speech.  I was back in New Jersey at the hospital for the night but at least I wasn't the one admitted this time.  It is never fun to go to the hospital.  With my luck someone will be rolling down the hall with ebola and they won't be able to find that stupid Outbreak monkey.  The hospital also reminds my family of all the crap I need to do... so that was fun also.  Final straw though was that I was really thirsty.  All I wanted was a Diet Pepsi so I went out to the bank of soda machines.  They had the Pepsi one and the Coke one.  I have always liked Pepsi better so I went over to that one first.  I took out a wrinkled dollar bill and tried to put it in the machine.  No dice.  Luckily, I had a nice crisp dollar bill so I went to use that one.  Still nothing.  The machine didn't work so I had to get a Diet Coke.  How could the day have gotten any worse for me?  So anyway, I was there because my dad had to get surgery.

Anything dealing with some kind of local anesthetic is not fun.  When you hear about things going wrong, that is usually the culprit.  Any time you have to go under the knife is extremely stressful for the patient but also for the family.  I already knew that I would have to head back to Jersey to be there to just keep him company during part of the recovery.  Sitting with someone in the hospital is actually more painful for the patient than for the family there to try and support them.  It is hard not to outstay your welcome though because you always think you need to be there until they fall asleep.  I know from experience.  All you want to do is try and relax and forget that you are in the hospital but you have someone coming in ever 3 to 4 seconds to ask if you are ok.  You can't really tell people to leave because you don't want to sound ungrateful but after some time you can tell that they really don't want you there.  So after surgery you go into the recovery room as you wait to go up to your actual hospital room.  This isn't like the emergency room though, you aren't sitting there waiting for a room.  They know you are in the hospital so they should be able to work out the room situation while you are in your 3+ hour surgery.  When my sister and I arrived at the hospital, that is exactly where he was.  The recovery room seems like a glorified emergency room.  The only difference I could see was that in every little area of the ER, there are two people stuffed in.  Here, you kind of had some privacy so you don't have to see an 80 year old guy get a rectal exam with you a foot and a half away... don't ask.  So anyway, my dad had been in that room for 2 hours already and we had been there for another half an hour.  There was a nurse that was supposed to get a report and get it processed so they could get him a room.  The only problem, for my dad that is, is that it was near the end of her shift.  So, without saying anything to anyone, she left.  Didn't give the forms to someone else to process and just left my dad laying there for hours.  How insane is that?  Most people I have come across don't care about their job but it takes a special kind of person to do that in a job where it could mean life or death.  St. Barnabas Hospital in Livingston, NJ... are you serious?

I wish I had a little more of a following on here that when I call out a store or something, it has a little bit more pull.  I want to be able to put something out of business with a simple post.  I know, I am not going to take a hospital down but I wouldn't mind a closer eye on it.  Someone that can neglect a patient like that should be fired on the spot.  A hospital isn't a place where you really get a second chance.  If a doctor opens someone up in surgery but then their shift runs out, they can't just leave with the body sliced open.  Why should anyone be able to do that?  When you have a job to do, it is too much to ask that you finish up before you make your way to the exit.  I would love to hear that person explain their reasoning for doing what they did so I could just smack them in the face with one of those rubber gloves.  But hey, maybe it's just me.


Little Politics To Think About For The Weekend (Sorry, No Picture)

Ok, so I have been putting off talking about politics for a while so I wouldn't get too many people angry. I have pretty strong beliefs on this topic so I kind of surprised myself that I waited this long to mention anything. I guess if I had to put a point on it, I am a republican. The main problem for me with this party is the lack of stem cell research. You know, given the whole pesky diabetes thing. I have just given in to the fact that we aren't going to make any strides here so I will just have to travel over to Europe to get the cure. I have really been wanting to get back over to Spain anyway. It is hard to have my beliefs in my parents house though. Both of my parents are pretty avid democrats and this causes us to have relatively heated conversations about the upcoming election. None of us wants to agree even part of what the other is saying could be correct. It has even gotten to the point where it drives my sisters out of the room. I have CNBC on all day at work so I get to hear our fearless leader every other day on TV, which just reinforces my thoughts about him. It has gotten to the point that whenever they show this mans face on TV talking about the economy, the market tanks. The more I see him, the less I like him... I can't help it. He does have a full head of gray hair now though, so I guess he is getting worried, as he should be. Before the last jobs report he was a good amount ahead in the race with Romney but it has become a lot closer. I just find all the people that want to re-elect him "cute." I mean, if change was something he ran on 4 years ago, he sure succeeded. He changed a lot of working people into unemployed people for one. Hell, if he extends unemployment anymore I might take a little 3 year paid vacation also. I know, I know... he came into a bad situation but it takes a special kind of person to make it worse.

He is definitely trying to make some headway on this whole "universal health care" thing. A trillion isn't a lot to spend on it when we are in a recession, is it? What is a trillion anymore though, as long as the money printers have ink, we are good. I agree we need to get this put in place, but this just doesn't seem like the right time. It seems like he is rushing into something we need to take a lot of time to check and re check to make sure it is good for everyone. In my opinion, yes I said opinion, he needed to get this done though so they would have something to put in the history books about him. Without health care he has done... well... nothing. I am not going to get into everything about Romney, it wouldn't be a good 15 page read for all of you out there. When it comes down to it though, I am just convinced we need someone new in power. What has been going on over the past 4 years can't continue. McCain really screwed us all by introducing Palin to the world stage. I just saw a commercial for a reality show that he daughter is doing... kill me now. But anyway, a $3+ trillion budgets can't be acceptable. Yes, I know democrats, we have all of these wars we are fighting and that costs money. Bush may not have done the best job, I am not going to say he was a saint. I just can't help but think if we had a president with a financial background that it won't help. Yes, he ran a company that bought failing companies and fired everyone he could and sold it off for parts. I get it. I am just not convinced that just needs to be done for the country. Yes, if we let the auto industry fail, it would have been devastating for a while but the auto industry in this country doesn't really seem to be working. When it comes down to it, we are in a supply and demand economy. Prices for companies aren't going to go to zero. They are going to go down to a level where someone finds it attractive and buys it to turn it around. We need someone who won't be afraid to run this country as a business and cut the fat so we are more efficient. We need real help... throwing money at the problem isn't working because there is still a PROBLEM. It is almost comical that we are expecting more economic stimulus in the form of QE3. I mean, QE1 and 2 worked so well. If the first one worked, we wouldn't have needed the second one for starters. If Obama stays president the US dollar will be 1-1 with the yen. This country used to be the biggest power in the world, now we are fighting for 10th. I am seriously considering getting the Mandarin Chinese Rosetta Stone just in case. Our Chinese overloards are coming and coming fast.

This doesn't even really scratch the surface but I figured I would throw it out there. If I am going to run for president in 2020, I need to at least get my opinion out there now. Rosenblatt/Zuckerberg in 2020. Mark it on your calendars everyone. I am not claiming to have all the answers here but when something doesn't work in my life, I usually try to fix the problem. I have tried to let the problems fix themselves, believe me, but it just comes back to bite me in the ass. No president has ever gotten re elected with unemployment over 8% and they are trying to do whatever they can to get it under.  Even if it means that when a person stops looking for a job, they are no longer counted as unemployed.  Yes, because that makes sense.  All of my friends are having babies these days and their kids are in for a serious surprise. When we are $50 trillion in debt and all speaking Chinese, the world is going to be a very different place. I am just glad I won't be around to see it. But hey, maybe it's just me.


Game on...

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