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If anyone has any suggestions or something you want me to talk about send me an email.  I have the tendency to be opinionated so I won't let you down.  I will even use your name, yes you will be immortalized on the Internet for everyone to see.  I was thinking about it and I have a decent amount of ideas but as I move forward I might need a little help.


Also if there is anything you all want to see added to the site to make navigating easier please let me know.  I am always looking for new widgets to add to increase the entertainment for my readers.  I was concerned I would be embarrassed by putting my thoughts out there for the world to see but I have received nothing but support so anything I can do for you let me know.  The "Contact" page is only a click away.

Here is a picture of my parents dog, Reese.  Haven't made any posts about him but it is only a matter of time.  Best dog in the world.


Don't Forget Your Helmet

Ok, so now for a little lighter of a note but still something on the forefront of my mind a lot more now than it used to.  Manhattan is a maze of one way streets for the most part.  I guess when you are brought up your parents tell you to look both ways before crossing the street.  However, as the years pass I tend to only look in the direction traffic is supposed to follow, my bad.  When a road says "one way" people tend to follow, unless you are my dad driving in Florida but that is a different story.  I dont always wait for a green light to cross the street but I have yet to be hit by a car.  I have never really even been close but apparently if you are on a bike no traffic rules apply.  They run red lights, go the wrong way down one way streets and don't stop for pedestrians.  Now I am not sure if maybe there is a language barrier on the signs but in every language red usually means stop.  The "one way" signs tend to have an arrow on them telling you which way traffic is supposed to flow.  I have had a number of close calls with these bikers in the city and I don't think I would feel bad if a biker was going the wrong way down a one way street, swerve because I was properly crossing at a light, and proceed to fall and skin their entire body.  Not gonna lie but it would take a lot of will power for me not to laugh.

Here is another example.  I used to take a cab to work in the mornings.  I make it a habit to watch when I one the door to make sure no one is in the way.  However, when I am getting out of the cab at a light when it is red I usually just glance because no car is going to pass when the light is red.  So the cab pulled over on the corner of 18th and Park.  I was about to open the door when a guy on a bike whizzed passed me.  The light was RED and he flew by and went through the light.  Last time I checked, everyone had to follow the rules of the road, or so it is said.  That wasn't the end of that situation though.  Apparently that guy had a friend who happened to be a little behind him.  After the first guy passed I opened the door to get out of the cab.  SMACK!  The second guy slammed right into the open door and almost took me out in the process.  My initial instinct was to feel bad for the guy because he just slammed into a stopped car door and that is pretty embarrassing.  You really only see that in catroons.  They guy then proceeded to yell at me for opening the door, at a RED light.  It was kinda funny but I held back the laughter and walked away.  Maybe if that guy had stopped at a red light rather than blindly following his friend he wouldn't have ran into the door.  This actually spawned a game I started to play but I will save that for a later post. 

At this point I can't even count the number of times I have almost gotten hit by a biker who was going down the road the wrong way.  I just don't look both ways when I am crossing a one way street.  Have been trying to change that but I really don't think it is going to take.

People conducting business on bikes in the city is very prevalent.  I don't blame people for being in a hurry to get a job done or get where you need to go but they just need to remember they aren't the only ones on the road.  Also, I see them riding on the sidewalk all the time and I am pretty sure that is illegal but why would the cops stop them when they are busy walking around aimlessly doing what appears to be nothing. 

This talk about bike messengers bring up something a little off topic but just always was interesting to me.  I used to live in a building called Windsor Court in Murry Hill, yes I know someone with the name Rosenblatt living in Murray Hill in that building is funny.  I would order probably 9 out of 10 meals and get them delivered to my apartment.  However, in order for someone to bring something up to your apartment they had to show ID at the service entrance and get a guest pass.  This seems pretty easy, right?  How many people walk around the city without an ID who isn't a fugitive?  I will tell you who, just about any diners bike delivery guy.  This might come off as racist but it is just the way it it.  Just about all these guys are "foreign" looking and don't seem to have any identification.  Therefore, I had to go downstairs and get the food from them.  The whole point of delivery is being able to stay in your house and have someone bring it to you.  Obviously I am lazy so this did get on my nerves.  I mean come on, the least they can do is have one license and let whoever is bringing the food to the building use it.  I am not saying these people are illegal aliens but if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck.  Am I the only one one who finds this a little aggrivating?  I know most buildings in the city people don't have to show ID to get upstairs but there is obviously one.  I never leave my apartment without my license but apparently these guys go to work everyday without theirs.  I don't know, maybe it is just me.

Feel free to post anything on here if you agree or disagree or if you think I am an idiot or brilliant.  I would rather the later though.


My personal Diabetes conspiracy theory

I happen to be one of the lucky few in this country to have type 1 diabetes.  I contracted this when I was 6, which actually is a better time than getting when you are older in my opinion.  I don't remember life with Coke Classic or dessert with every meal.  I know Diet Pepsi and the horrible excuse for cookies a lot of companies come out with that have no sugar.

I have been going to see all kinds of endocrinologists throughout my life, some smarter and with better bedside manner than others.  I was actually told, at one point, there would be a cure by the time I went to college.  That was in 1999.  Next they were going to have a cure before I graduated college.  That was in 2003.  Also, along the way I went to a trial for the "Dream Beam," which was a machine that could read your blood sugar through your skin rather than sticking your finger 4 to 5 times a day.  This took place at Mount Siani hospital in New York City.  It ended up being a scam and the people were just in it to take the cash and run.  Great background checks.  In short, not only have they not gone forward with diabetes research but actually seem to be going backwards.  The only progress they have made over the 25 years I have had diabetes is putting the insulin from vials into pens to make measuring the amount of insuline slightly easier to read and I guess making the needle a little smaller.  This also got rid of actualy syringes and the less needles out there for drug users to use the better.  However, my insurance provider actually made me get special approval for the insulin pens over the vials because they aren't a "necessity."  Anything to save a dime I guess.  Glad these diabetes charities are bringing in hundreds of millions a year for that.  I have given up donating money to diabetes charities and have moved to giving money to MS, but that is just me.

About 2 years ago I contracted MS on top of the diabetes.  How lucky can one guy be?  In this short amount of time they almost successfully replaced my three shots a week with a pill.  MS can be treated with a daily shot, three shots a week or a monthly infusion.  Therefore the business of MS isn't very lucrative. 

Think about it.  I just read online on a national diabetes website that diabetes brought in $281 billion in 2007 between medication and other things related to diabetes care.  That's billions with a B.  I personally do 4 to 5 finger sticks a day along with 4 to 5 shots.  Behind every piece of equipment I use there is a company that manufactures it.  If diabetes were to be cured it would be catastrophic for these companies.  Why would they not want to give a company $100 million to buy the cure and hide it... Possibly a number of times over, that is less than 1% of the yearly sales.

Here is a breakdown of the costs that are covered by insurance:

2 types of insulin per month - $70 ($35 per perscription, who knows how much it actually comes out to Eli Lilly.)

Finger stick strips - $35

Needle tops for insulin - $35

That comes out to $140 a month just for the copays.  If I didn't have insurance I am sure it would cost me well over $2,000/month.

My MS medication comes out to $25 a month, I actually had to pay for that one once because insurance didn't cover it and it cost me $3,500 for one month but that is another story.  There is big money in any chronic disease.  However, the other treatments are less expensive.

There are 25.8 million cases of diabetes total in the US as of January 2011.  That includes type 1 and type 2.  I am not en expert on type 2 so I am not as familiar with the medications.  About 10% of these are type 1 so a little over 2 million.  If they are all paying $140 a month that is about $280 million a month and that is ONLY type 1 diabetes and ONLY in the US and ONLY copays.  Doing quick math, if none of us had insurance that would come out to around $4 billion a month from only type 1 patients.  There are another 20 million people with type 2 I am not even counting.  There are over 6 billion other people in the world.  I really don't like thinking about it, kinda makes me sick.  These pharmaceutical companies must be rubbing their mitts together whenever they hear obesity is running rampant in this country.  After re-reading this the $281 billion a year almost sounds low.  According to certain diabetes websites 79 million people in this country have prediabetes so they are right on the cusp, wouldn't be surprised if these pharmaceutical companies are behind those disgusting KFC sandwiches where they replace the bread with 2 more pieces of fried chicken, just what this country needs.

That just leaves me thinking, why would they ever come out with a cure for something that would drive companies out of business.  I am not sure if this is just a consequence of living in a capitalistic society or just me being skeptical of just about everyone else.  I think it might be a mixture of the two. I have looked online for these kinds of thoughts out there but have pretty much come up blank.  So I am not sure if I am just extremely pessimistic or if people haven't really put any thought into it.  Makes me angry from time to time though and then I "have to try and not be so angry about everything."  I am not sure if it is being angry or just passionate about certain topics and this one hits pretty close to home for me.  I think it would just make me feel better for people to tell me I am crazy or that I might have a point.

If this post does nothing else than educate people on what is really going on here than I have done my job.  I obviously don't take this lightly but I think I have good reason to be skeptical.  I just want to hear people questioning the system more rather than just being sheep and blindly following.

I apologize if I offended anyone with this but it is something I think about almost every time I have to inject insulin into my body, which is often.  So that is where I am coming from.  This is only my first entry so I am still a little green but expect more, a lot more.

Any and all feedback is more than welcome.  I tend to be a little stubborn at times but love open dialogue where I can hear other peoples opinions to try and broaden my knowledge.

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