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If anyone has any suggestions or something you want me to talk about send me an email.  I have the tendency to be opinionated so I won't let you down.  I will even use your name, yes you will be immortalized on the Internet for everyone to see.  I was thinking about it and I have a decent amount of ideas but as I move forward I might need a little help.


Also if there is anything you all want to see added to the site to make navigating easier please let me know.  I am always looking for new widgets to add to increase the entertainment for my readers.  I was concerned I would be embarrassed by putting my thoughts out there for the world to see but I have received nothing but support so anything I can do for you let me know.  The "Contact" page is only a click away.

Here is a picture of my parents dog, Reese.  Haven't made any posts about him but it is only a matter of time.  Best dog in the world.


Remember When Al Gore Claimed To Invent The Internet And Won The Presidency?? Yeah, Neither Do I...

Ok, so my current entry might not be the same as the Al Gore thing, but it got pretty close.  I was going to spend this week with my toe at the line of things I probably shouldn't complain about but this just really got to me today.  Our president is a good speaker... or so I thought.  If I had all of my speeches going across a screen to read, I could probably sound smart also.  It is only when the screen isn't there and you speak from the heart when you really see someone's true feelings.  The one thing that this president is great at, is taking credit for everything even if he really had nothing to do with it.  He uses the word "I" an awful lot.  Didn't you hear, he went in there and got Bin Laden with his bare hands and he brought us out of this economic crisis by himself.  I guess his parents never taught him the word "we" when he was growing up but some people are just like that.  I know I have to pick my battles when it comes to our president, because 4 years ago, a lot of people believed in him.  Lies can get you a long way, can't they?  Yes, once again, I am aware that all politicians lie and he was just trying to become president and he really believed in what he was saying... blah, blah, blah.  I can just hear my dad reprimanding me in my ear right now.  Maybe when he takes credit for things they should be things he really accomplished.  HEpassed a health care bill that cost $2 trillion and won't end up passing... See, that is the only thing I can think of that he actually did.  You know though, stuff like that.

I am not sure if a lot of people are aware of the speech that our wonderful president made today.  This was one that was not from a prompter but directly from his heart.  I now know why he doesn't give and impromptu speeches and is always late for everything now.  He is always talking about jobs these days and it is mostly the small businesses that are formed and end up creating the most jobs.  In the heat of the moment, he actually said that the people creating the small businesses aren't the ones who actually created them or deserve any of the credit for doing so.  Because the government created the roads and infrastructure along with the Internet, they are the ones who deserve the credit.  The small business owner that works 18 hours a day and gets 3 hours of sleep a night might have something to say about all of this.  This is just another example of how he is trying to take credit for the jobs, be a small number, that were created during his presidency.  I just really don't know how his internal filter didn't catch this one if he was such a dynamic individual.  He would be wrong if he just thought that in his head... he is REALLYwrong when he says these kinds of things out loud.  Steve Jobs, RIP, must be turning in his grave.  He is one step away from taking credit for Facebook.  There are people and lobbies out there that support small business and its owners and, let's just say, they are not pleased.  The head of one of these organizations came on CNBC today at one point and didn't really have much nice to say about our president.  Last time I checked intrade, Obama was around 56%... should be fun to check it out tomorrow.

There are very few things that can bring me off topic from my idea for the week.  Obama is one of those things and maybe Paula Deen is the other.  Speaking of which, she is going to be on Master Chef tonight... I really like that show, so I might have a review of it tomorrow and my Monday theme will have to wait a little longer.  Anyway though, when someone as high and mighty as our president gets outed like this, it is bittersweet.  I just scares me to think that this is how he thinks things are.  But I guess South Park has a little ammo for a new episode like they did with Al Gore so at least I have that to look forward to.  But hey, maybe it's just me.


Wearing Out Your Welcome - Wheel Chair Edition

Ok, so I am going to do something special this week. Basically it is just certain things that I have been noticing people doing and just taking advantage of their situations. Having to move yourself around the city in a wheel chair is a pain in the ass, I am sure. People obviously go through a very traumatic experience to end up in one. I would never fault anyone for that. With my luck, I am going to end up in one also and I would expect the same respect. I always move out of the way and make sure I am not in the lowered part of the sidewalk when I notice that there is someone who needs it. I mean, I guess I have never really seen someone not move out of the way for someone in a wheel chair so I can't really get annoyed at anyone just yet. I always walk a the hospital on my way home and see people being helped into the bus and, if they needed it, I would be more than happy to help. It is just human nature to try to help someone who is in need, or at least that is what I like to believe. Now there are the wheel chairs that you use your arms to move and the ones that are completely mechanical. Obviously different people have different needs but sometimes things seem a bit off to me.

I was walking home the other day from work and the sidewalk was relatively packed with people. I am usually pretty observant when it comes to people around me within a half a block or so. I was crossing the street and moving on to the next block. All of a sudden, a person in a mechanical wheel chair bolted around the cornet and would have ran right into me had I not moved. This person had zero regard for anyone around them. They were pretty much like one of the bikers who ride on the sidewalk where they aren't supposed to. I am not going to say they should have a lane like the bikers in the street... but makes you think, they have plenty of paint to draw some extra symbols in those lanes. I know, I can't get mad at a person in a wheel chair... but this was really hard to dismiss. They were just expecting people to move out of the way for them as they went 15 miles an hour down the sidewalk. I am usually in a hurry but never that much of a hurry. As this person zoomed by, they looked back at everyone with an evil look on their face like we should have just immediately parted for them. Yes, maybe they were in a hurry to get somewhere but saying "excuse me" still works for everyone. Some people just expect you to feel sorry for them and throw all manners out the window. I don't know their personal experience so I can't react in the proper way sometimes but this kind of thing makes me not want to. I don't run around poking people with my insulin needle if they get in my way. Just have some respect for yourself.

When I started to think about writing this, I figured I would step on a few toes but I am not trying to be an a**hole here. It is just certain people that give a bad name to an entire group. I mean, I am sure there are plenty of nice German people out there... but... ok, maybe that is a step over the line. But you know what I mean. Plenty of people in my family have needed a wheel chair here and there. I have needed one in the hospital more than one time also. It sucks, but so do a lot of other things and you have to take it in stride. Speeding down the sidewalk and then getting mad at people for not knowing you are coming... be real. This kind of thing just sticks in my mind and gives a bad name to a group of people until they redeem themselves. But hey, maybe it's just me.



Well, I Guess You Have To Do Something With Your Arms

Ok, so walking is something you see people do everywhere you look. Some people look normal doing it and some people seem to go out of their way to look as ridiculous as possible. Like I say at work... "It all comes back to Seinfeld." I mean, I think I would be able to compare just about every post I have put on here to an episode of that show. It really is timeless. But the episode I am referring to it the one where the people don't swing their arms when they walk. I believe they say that these people look like they are walking around and look like they are carrying imaginary suitcases. I have tried to walk around and not swing my arms when I walk but it takes a lot of effort and, when it comes down to it, I really don't care all that much. Well, I guess I didn't think I cared about it. Most people have a little swing in their arms as they walk. It is kind of like how a pigeon bobs its head back and forth with every step they take. Well, not back and forth... kind of like front to back but I can't think of the term for it and I would rather not say the wrong thing and then have to hear about it at work... every day for a week. They really do though, I didn't believe it at first but have done some serious research on this. Regardless, I notice these things obviously. There are all kinds of different swings that I have noticed in myself along with other people when I am just observing. Yeah, I am the unofficial king of people watching.

The first one I notice has to do with people that are not so thin. It also can be used for people that appear to be tired after a run or something like that but I am pretty sure you know the one I am going to focus on. They swing their arms as if they are actually trying to get a push from the wind. It is like they are swimming down the sidewalk and are using their arms to get a jump start. Like other things with overweight people, it makes me sad. When you have a group of them walking down the sidewalk you are better off just taking it to the street. Before you know it you could be getting smacked all over by people using you as a starting block in a race. I guess this is kind of a good thing though in the long run. There has to be some sort of arm workout they are getting done here so I guess it is a win for them. Maybe we can start making them wear arm weights and it can really do something useful. I mean, it will either be a workout for them or they will be too lazy to move their arms anymore and they won't be so hard to pass on the sidewalk. Win/Win.

The second one I have noticed only recently. It is mostly common in girls and a specific kind of guy, not that there is anything wrong with that. What I am saying here is that, the smaller the girl, the more wildly their arms swing. I am serious, just look around. Find a girl that is like 4'8 and 100 pounds and she is smacking anything within 2 feet of her. Not only is the swing crazy but the palm is always up in the air. It is almost like they are carrying an imaginary tray to a table with 4 or 5 plates on it. You know what I mean. I am not saying there is anything wrong with this because I am sure they aren't doing it on purpose. I am also pretty sure there isn't much they can do to change this unless they really go out of their way to realize it is going on. However, on a plus side, most of these girls I have seen around are cute so they can get away with it. I don't mind not being able to pass them so I will just walk behind and observe for now. As for the guys I mentioned above... yeah, well... it is what it is. Win/Lose.

The third situation I have noticed comes from all the homeless guys walking around the city these days. Seems like the warm weather brings them out in full effect. I am not sure if this goes along with the walking or incomprehensible yelling aspect of their lives. Some people move their hands when they talk but I am not really willing to ask and find out. They will either ask me for money, yell at me or pee in my general direction. The smell usually keeps me far away from this situation so I don't normally have to dodge them on the sidewalk but sometimes it is impossible to avoid. Lose/Lose.

I just wanted to give 3 examples with varying degrees of outcomes. You would look more awkward not swinging your arms though so maybe I shouldn't be as concerned about the people that do.  Looking back, I am not sure the first one is really a win/win but it is about as close as I can find. It isn't so much of a win for me in certain respects but it is in others. I mean, they are still in the way but that is besides the point. I am still just trying to fix the ultimate problem. I am going to bring up a position in government to be named the "Obesity consultant" and I expect you all to vote for me. It seems like every post comes back to obesity though, even when it starts out with people swinging their arms when they walk... hmm... wonder why that is. Maybe when we can lower the obesity rate down from like 60% of Americans I can give it a little less attention. People really need to watch where they are swinging those things though, they do tend to get in the way. But hey, maybe it's just me.


Painful Memories... Literally...

Ok, so I have never been in a fight like I have mentioned before.  I have, however, had broken bones and ended up in the hospital because I am more of a harm to myself than other people apparently.  I broke a finger once playing basketball.  Yes, I used to play pick up games and I wasn't terrible.  I mean, people used to make fun of the way I shot the ball... but they were just jealous.  I am a 5'9 Jewish guy, therefore it just wasn't in the cards.  I also once put myself in the hospital after fireworks on the 4th one year.  I rode my bike to the near by park to watch and them, they ended, and it was time to go home.  I got on my bike and made my way back.  The bike was fine when I rode it over and didn't notice any problems.  So, either I beat the crap out of my bike on the way there or someone played a funny little joke on me and loosened the front tire.  There is a semi big hill on the way back to my parents house.  I was going down the hill and next thing I know the front tire comes off and I fell off the bike on the way down the hill.  It was ok though, I broke the fall with my face.  I slid down the bottom half of the hill and finally stopped.  There was a car coming down the street and they were able to stop in time but if they hadn't been paying attention... let's just say... things would have been a lot worse.  People came running out of their house because they had just finished watching the fireworks and I guess I must have made a noise.  I noticed my elbow was bleeding and someone eventually asked me how my head was.  I didn't even notice but I made a big gash over my left eyebrow and had to get plastic surgery to fix it.  I was as good as new after a week and I try not to think about it, so thanks for making me bring it up again.  I really do try to keep myself in situations where I don't get hurt but sometimes I just can't avoid it.

So I am taking all this medication for all that ails me and a few of the things give me dry mouth, which is a pain in the ass to say the least.  I always keep something near by to drink in case I wake up and my throat is dry.  Yesterday I happened to finish my drink before I fell asleep so I left myself with nothing.  So it must have been like 4 in the morning and I happened to wake up.  I was really thirsty and noticed I had nothing near my bed to drink and I had to go to the kitchen to get some water.  Looking back, I should have just taken a drink out of the faucet in the bathroom.  Kinda gross,  but would have been a better option.  I have been living in my place for like a year and a half so I am pretty sure of myself when it comes to getting around in the dark.  It is almost like a game to show myself that I can get to the kitchen with no light.  There is a faint light coming from the window but I am pretty good at getting where I am going without it.  Let's just say it was a perfect storm of events last night.  I drank everything I usually had around, I fell asleep in my contacts so I was rubbing my eyes the whole walk to the kitchen, and I didn't even turn on the bathroom light and tried to make the whole walk in the dark.  Yeah, sometimes I will turn on the bathroom light to give myself a little help.  I made it to about 2 feet from the fridge and started rubbing my eyes a little harder because... well, you shouldn't sleep with your contacts in and I will leave it at that.  I obviously was more concerned with my eyes than anything else because I really wasn't paying attention to where I was walking anymore.  I put out my hand because I thought I was reaching for the water sitting on the counter.  And smack.  I walked right into the wall, and not just the wall, a corner spot so I smacked my nose right into it.  It hurt like hell but all I could do was laugh.  I punched the wall a couple times but that didn't really do much.  I also might have yelled out a few choice curse words to express my dismay.  My neighbors must love me.  So yeah, I don't think I broke it so at least I have a funny story to tell people.  The only problem is that they laugh and never end up asking me if i am ok.  Thanks.

It hurt at the time but ended up going away pretty quick.  Today it pretty much only hurts when I touch it, so I touch my nose more than normal obviously.  It doesn't hurt to breath or anything so I am pretty sure it isn't broken.  There is a red mark but no black and blue bruise so I think I am all good.  It is a shame though because it was a little game to see how well I knew the apartment and get around in the dark.  Needless to say, that game is over.  I am pretty sure it is only a game because I am too lazy to turn on the light in the living room though.  Then you have to turn it off, it is just a pain and I try to do as little work as possible late at night.  So any of you out there that are concerned feel free to send me a note or flowers or something like that... it would be the proper thing to do.  I mean, I wouldn't but people should strive to be better than I.  But hey, maybe it's just me.


This was MY Idea... Remember That...

Ok, so when I am home at my parents house I actually use the Keurig machine to make hot chocolate or coffee or whatever. This made me want one for my apartment, I have used it twice but that is besides the point. I am not a huge coffee drinker but I have been really tired in the morning lately so I have been thinking about giving it a try. I even went out to buy one of those reusable coffee travel mug things. I didn't originally want one but I just started cooking again in my apartment. "Again" is a very loose word though, I have lived in my apartment for about a year and a half and I noticed I didn't have a can opener, so I had to go out and buy one and I grabbed the mug for the hell of it. There was one problem however, I got the smaller of the machines and the mug is too tall for it. I have to take a piece off just to make it fit but it works. Whenever I would go to 7-11 to get coffee I would put that french vanilla coffee mate crap in it, so I started to like it. I picked up an 18 pack of the french vanilla k-cups and, as long as I use plenty of equal, I am a fan. I started bringing coffee to work so I will let you all know how it goes. So far all I have noticed is that all it has done is made me a little more "regular" if you know what I mean. I eventually wake up as the morning goes on normally so I am not sure if it is the coffee kicking in, or just the day getting started. I am also not so fond of having to bring the mug home with me every day but I guess those are the breaks.

I found that I like hot chocolate more than I remembered. It is nice to have a cup every once in a while when you hadn't had one in a while. My parents have a bunch of the Swiss Miss k-cups at home, so I will throw one in when everyone else makes their coffee. One problem... there is a ton of sugar in it and I wasn't so aware. There seems to be more sugar in one cup than in 2 or 3 cans or regular coke or Pepsi. My pounding headache was a nice reminder of that. Over the next couple weeks I would go to the supermarket and other places to try and find a sugar free hot chocolate k-cup. The brand didn't matter to me as long as it was the same idea. No dice. It seems as if they literally have everything but that. Eventually I gave in to the fact that they simply didn't exist. I went out and bought the powder stuff but it just isn't the same. Well, that and I tend to be a little lazy and it is more than a one step thing to make it. I heard they made a refillable k-cup that you could buy and fill it with your own coffee and make a cup that they maybe didn't have in the store. Here is what happened... I bought the refillable k-cup, I put the powder in and attempted to make a cup of sugar free hot chocolate, a whole bunch of brown water came out and the refillable cup was packed with gross, wet powder. Complete waste of 3 bucks. I guess powder wasn't the intended medium. Fail.

Being the go getter that I am, I decided to write an email to ConAgra to see if these things existed. I basically wrote them and said that I was looking for them and if they didn't exist, there would be a good amount of diabetics that would ultimately buy the product as well as some other, be it a small portion of society, people that could be interested. I waited a couple days and finally received an email from the company. What they said, in a nutshell, was that the sugar free product didn't exist but they would pass the email on to the product development team and see what they had to say. That was the end of it though. I wouldn't mind getting credit for the idea but, to be honest, I would just be happy if this product existed so I wouldn't have to shoot myself full of insulin before having a cup of hot chocolate. But I guess life goes on.

I have thought about opening a store of just sugar free products that I would love to see but can't seem to find. I mean, I am the target audience so I wouldn't need to do a lot of market research. I have found myself seeing stuff out there and kind of wishing there were a sugar free type. Sugar free cotton candy would be kind of cool actually. They have all kinds of sugar free attempts out there but things just never seem to taste good. I did find some sugar free peppermint patties though that tasted like the real thing but that is a 1 in 100 thing for me. I have never been a huge dessert person but that it because I have never really been able to partake in the after meal festivities. Ice cream is about the extent of what I will have. Note to all you out there... sugar free ice cream... no thanks. Some stuff looks really good but I eat so much during the meal, I don't need something to put me over the edge and have me busting out of my jeans. But hey, maybe it's just me.

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