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No Doubt This One Is Staying Single

Ok, so sometimes people get busy and need to multi task.  I have been in a rush where I have to maybe send a quick text when I am walking somewhere and didn't have time to stop and pull over.  I try not to do it when I am walking through doors or into buildings or anything like that though.  When I am trying to get where I need to go, I would like it if someone isn't standing in my way not letting me through.  Blackberry is the worst thing to happen to this world.  People are so important that they need to be emailing literally every second of the day.  Like I have said before, if I really have to send something to someone and I have the time, I will move to the side of the sidewalk and do what I need to do so people can get by without having to be stuck behind me.  Some people really see nothing wrong with stopping or walking as slow as possible when they are in certain places where people need to be able to get around them.  Once again, you aren't the only or most important person in the city.  We need to put a chip into the Blackberry and iPhone so if it notices that you are walking, it doesn't allow you to access the email application.  I know, I don't work in a job where emails are as important as in other jobs, but still.  Unless you are walking somewhere that is a half an hour away in the middle of the day and need to get something out that quick, you can wait a few minutes to get up to your desk.  I am going somewhere with this, just wait.

It was lunch, as usual, and I was walking back to my desk with my food.  The salad buffet bar at Bread and Butter... eh.  People at work had been talking about becoming vegitarian and vegan so it just struck me, I am definitely regretting it.  A world without chicken and steak... no thanks.  But anyway, I was waiting for the elevator in the lobby to get upstairs.  If these stupid things showed up more than once every 10 minutes I could avoid a ton of heartache.  There were three other people waiting along with me.  It was two guys and a girl.  The elevator eventually showed up and the two guy went into the elevator.  The girl was writing or reading an email and essentially crawling into the elevator.  The door actually started to close on me by the time I was able to get in.  We had probably moved 2 floors by the time she took her final spot about a step and a half into the space.  All this would have blown over after a second but she wasn't done.  She happened to be chewing gum.  I know a ton of people who chew gum and there is just a certain etiquette that comes along with it.  CHEW WITH YOUR MOUTH CLOSED.  She was probably a step away from me so she was chewing in my ear and there was nowhere for me to go.  She was getting off a floor below me so I just had to wait it out.  As she left, I shook my head in a disapproving manner... don't think she saw though.  I mean, if you are taking a bite of a sandwich you eventually finishe chewing.  When you are chewing gum, it lasts forever.  In my ear.  Gross.

I am just not sure what I was supposed to do in that situation.  The other guys on the elevator got out on the same floor so I am guessing they knew who she was.  They didn't say anything though.  Leads me to believe that I was the only one disgusted by this.  Someone chewing with their mouth open in your ear is nasty.  I have been trying to let things blow over and not get too worked up so I just took a step back, a deep breath and just stood there saying nothing.  It would have been so easy to make a comment under my breath to make the two other guys laugh but it might have started something I didn't want any part of.  I just feel bad for anyone that lives with this lady and wish I knew her name so I could call her out.  Obviously no one told her the common courtesy of chewing.  There is nothing that annoys my mom more than someone chewing with their mouth open, just ask my dad, and I was always reminded about that.  Her husband must be real proud.  Husband... yeah, right.  But hey, maybe it's just me.

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