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Here is a picture of my parents dog, Reese.  Haven't made any posts about him but it is only a matter of time.  Best dog in the world.

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Progress... Part 2...

Ok, so I have been sitting here doing some serious thinking.  I have been really trying to come up with an idea for my post today that is "positive."  So here goes...  It is kind of a cop out, but I was looking over my page quick to give me some inspiration and remembered I have that picture of my parents dog I randomly put on the side of the page.  Like I have mentioned before, his name is Reese.  He is 6 now, I think.  Hard to believe we have had him that long and, unfortunately, dogs seem to get old quick.  That has to be the worst part about getting a dog... the whole age thing.  I really don't like to think about it.  I want to get a dog but I think I would feel bad having one in the city.  I can tend to be lazy here and there and getting a dog to the park every day just wouldn't happen.  Its paws aren't supposed to be on cement for every walk.  But then again, maybe it would push me to go for longer walks.  It is a paradox.  Wow, I am getting a little too deep here and that just isn't my thing.  The other thing I would feel bad about it the whole neutering thing.  There, that's more like it.  I don't think I would be able to do it.  My parents did me a huge favor... they got the dog neutered on my birthday.  Seriously, there are 365 days in a year and now whenever I get older, the dog knows what happened that day.  He does... he just knows.  He humps every pillow he can get his paws on though, so I guess he is ok about it.  I think I blocked out those "dog cone" days.  It was traumatic for me, I can't imagine what it must have been like for him.  Makes me cringe just thinking about it.

There are just so many benefits to having a dog that you don't get with so many other animals.  Cats really just don't do it for me, I feel like they are just sitting there judging me.  Every time I go back to my parents house, he knows I am coming as I am walking up the sidewalk.  He is just waiting there by the door.  I open the door and he runs over to me, starts jumping around in circles and heads over to the spot in the living room that we all go once we get back to the house.  That aspect alone makes me want to have a dog.  It is cool to see how I can change his life also.  I do this thing where I make two fists and have a carrot or something in one of my hands.  He knows what this means at this point.  He jumps up and tries to open my hand himself and I show him the empty one and then give him whatever I am holding.  I can have nothing in my hands also and he still flips out and jumps at me.  Hmm... maybe I can teach a baby to do that.  A dog is like a baby without the crying and I am not upset about that.  The barking gets a little annoying but all you have to do is let him look outside for a second and he stops.  Yes, I know, he is one of the more spoiled dogs out there.  The only thing is that you can't have him un-learn things.  My parents made the mistake of feeding him at the table in the beginning and now it is just the norm.  He sits there and begs until he gets something.  Whatever my parents eat, the dog gets a bite... or 5.  I am not going to talk about how my mom shares a fork with him... but yeah, gross.  He goes from person to person and until you say "all done" to him... if you don't, he just sits there staring at you.  My parents are so proud of themselves that they taught him that.  Too bad they didn't teach him to not do it in the first place... good job guys.  There is one other thing that is slightly funny to me but it works.  When he feels like he wants a treat, he runs around looking for trouble.  He grabs anything he can off any high surface and sits there for a second.  He then brings it to a place where you can see that he has it.  He puts whatever it is, usually a remote for the TV, on the ground so you think you have a chance to pick it up.  He grabs it again and runs to a certain spot on the rug in the living room and starts to chew on it.  My parents have had to replace every remote in the house at least 5 times.  My dad once had him go to that spot to get something back... it is now "the spot."  He sits there until you walk over and give him some kind of treat.  We normally take whatever it is and put it up on the piano.  At any point of the day you will see anything from a portable phone to a toilet paper roll.  But I guess it works and it could be worse.  Hey, I am not the one that has to deal with it daily though so it is fine for me.

I find myself going back to my parents house much more that I used to just to see him.  I mean, my parents are there also I guess.  Maybe when I get a little more responsible or maybe move back to Jersey, getting a dog could be a good option.  It is something to look forward to though.  I never had a dog growing up and think I would be a much different and better person if I did.  I would have at least been in better shape.  The better person thing may be a stretch but that's my story and I am sticking to it.  I just never knew how much he would change my life.  When I go home and am about to go to sleep, he jump on my bed and snuggles in to the bend in my knee.  He has to be touching a part of your body to be able to fall asleep.  Maybe I would make a good dad after all.  Take that all my ex-girlfriends.  But hey, maybe it's just me.



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