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Hey... It's Progress...

Ok, so I might sound like a broken record but... something happened to me in Duane Reade again.  I was in there to pick up some stuff that I needed so I went back to my favorite pharmacy.  I think I finally have the timing down though.  If I go during the day, I always have to deal with that one incompetent lady that can't seem to ever do her job right.  The only thing is that sometimes I have a little time during the day so I run down to pick up some stuff but I am going to have to hold off.  If I just wait until after work I have been able to have some relatively pain free experiences.  However, sometimes it isn't the people that work there that are the ones who go out of control.  Some people tend to get mad at the pharmacy when their insurance company makes it hard for them to get what they need.  People in the pharmacy annoy me in different ways.  The people that work there annoy me because they are slow and half the time have no idea what they are doing.  The other customers are slow and half the time have no idea what they are supposed to do.  It is different, believe me.  Things are usually calm though when a customer has a problem though, they eventually work it out... it just takes 2 hours.  I think, before my last experience, the loudest thing I saw there was when I half flipped out on them because they didn't order my insulin the day before.  People can't blame me though.  Usually when someone is picking up something from the pharmacy, it isn't as big of a deal as they make it out to be to get it same day.  Usually, if I miss a pill or something, it isn't the end of the world and I just make sure I take it the next day.  If I miss my insulin, I might not be around the next day to take it.  It was warranted and I won't hear anything different.  But sometimes, people just get out of control for just about no reason.

So I was just waiting in line for my turn to pick up my insulin from the pharmacy.  There was a small line but it didn't seem like anything crazy.  There were two registers open so I figured it would go quick and there would be no problems.  Both of the people that were working there were relatively new but I haven't had a problem with either one yet.  At this point, I know to keep my insurance card on me and I am glad I do because the new people always seem to ask for it.  A lady in front of me had a baby in a stroller and the baby started to cry.  She took the baby out of the stroller to try and calm her down.  So she had the baby in one arm and took her wallet out of her purse with the other to pay.  It didn't seem that weird for me and I am sure she had done it before.  Then out of nowhere, a lady came up and started to heckle her.  Telling her she was going to drop her baby and she shouldn't be trying to do two things at one time.  It was a little strange.  I thought the two ladies knew each other so I didn't think much of it.  Then a girl and her mom chimed in and told the lady to calm down because it wasn't her place to bother anyone else in line.  The crazy lady then said that the girl wa just mad because she didn't have any kids yet.  Huh?  Not even sure where that came from.  The girl then had to ask her mom about some medical expense.  I didn't hear the full comment this crazy lady made but it involved her saying that the girl just had to open her legs.  Gross.  Her mom then told the crazy lady to stop and the crazy lady then said her mom was just upset because she didn't have any grandchildren.  That was the final straw for me.  I talked to myself under my breath but didn't really say anything and hoped this lady made a comment to me.  I had something on the tip of my tongue to say but took a step back and a deep breath.  I was going to say something along the lines of this lady being upset because her Prozac was on hold.  I held back though.  I had to make a real effort to do it but I was thinking of the outcome in my head and nothing good was going to come out of it.  I asked the girl at the register if this happened often and made small talk about it with her but didn't get involved.  Maybe I can grow up a little.  I was very proud of myself.

I had really never seen this before.  Apparently this crazy woman was waiting for her insurance company to send something over so she was just standing around doing nothing.  They eventually called over the manager to deal with her but it didn't really do anything... at least it kept her quiet for a few minutes.  The other customers were threatening to call the police but I made my way out of there before anything happened.  Last thing I wanted to have to do was talk to the police and tell them what I saw.  I am sure that I would have gotten a good laugh out of anything I said but it would have probablly just made the situation worse.  In my old age I am trying to lighten up a little and not let every little thing get to me.  This is a good first step in my opinion and things are only going to get better from here.  But hey, maybe it's just me.

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lol thats hilarious. I have nightmares at the pharmacy every time I go to get my child's insulin because they cannot speak or understand English! It baffles me - why take a job where you cannot speak the language and end up dispensing the wrong medications!!!!!! It drives me crazy! Ok my rant over...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSarah

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