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Wearing Out Your Welcome - Pregnancy Edition

Ok, so here is another very sensitive issue that I have decided to write about. If you go to my Facebook page I would have to say that 6 out of 10 posts are people putting up pictures of their new children. Having no children myself, I don't know this incredible joy that everyone else is having and deciding to share with the world. Gotta love Facebook, how else would you let the world know of your new pride and joy, it would take way too long to send 8 by 10's to all your friends and family. I have to watch what I am writing here though because more than half of my family is female and I will never hear the end of it. I am well aware of what you are supposed to say to a pregnant friend and make sure I go out of my way to do whatever I can to make their lives easier when I am around. Hell, if I don't have a wife to help with this I might as well help other people, right? Besides, it is nice to see the smile on their face when you give them the appropriate compliment. Yeah, I said it... quiet. I mean, I have to make sure I get you all on my side before I bring up the incident I went through so you don't hate me quite as much. But seriously, even though you are pregnant you still are a member of society. There are just certain common courtesy issues that arise when you come around a person thinking the world revolves around them because they are bringing another life into this world. As bad as it sounds, I think China might have it right only letting people have a certain number of children per family... wait, who said that?

Now to my actual point of this post. I was in my usual bagel place getting something to eat for lunch. It was nice out, so I was able to take a nice long walk. You have to wait in line at the counter, give your order and then pay. Some people just really make this difficult. Now I am not sure if this is a pregnant thing or just the actions of an inconsiderate woman thing, but I am going to go with the former so that this entry flows. This lady pulled out her iPhone and was clicking away as the people in front of her paid for their food and left. I was still working that day so I didn't have all the time in the world and I was expecting the lunch rush to move at a normal pace. This lady started reading an article or an email because she was looking down and walked into the counter at least twice. I guess sometimes you don't take in to account how big the baby bump actually is. The person behind the counter asked her what she was getting. No answer. They asked again... no answer. See, the thing is that I would have said something if she hadn't been a pregnant woman. I am not sure if I felt bad or just didn't want to be looked at as the a**hole rushing a pregnant lady. After a couple more times, she finally looked up from her phone and paid. Didn't look back at the line of at least 5 people and say she was sorry for holding up the line or anything. If that were me, I would have said sorry just because I would have felt like an idiot. I am not saying this lady is an idiot... I am just saying. I am just not sure what the protocol is for this situation. What if she was reading an article about what to expect when you are expecting? Who am I to rush her? All I had to do was get back to work, but why would she care about other people. If only I could have a baby to see what it's like... yeah ladies, good luck with that.

I was reading some article a while ago telling the maximum pain a human body could take. Giving birth was 1.5x that much. Ouch. That is really the reason I didn't say anything in this instance. I complain when I cut my fingernail to short. That really does hurt though... and not just at the time, for like the next couple hours also. There are certain things you let a pregnant woman do because it is just the nice thing to do. Letting them finish reading an email and holding up a lunch line... that is cutting is close. I did let her do it though... as painful as it was. But hey, maybe it's just me.


P.S.  I did see the Paula Deen episode of Master Chef and I really do just hate her so much I didn't want to dedicate another post to her.  I am really close to getting a dart board and putting her picture in the middle though.  I am just not that good at darts so it would make me ever more angry because I would keep missing her.  Put some south in your mouth??  How about I throw a dart in there.  At least she didn't bring up diabetes... any why would she bring up being healthy on a cooking show?  Ugh...

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