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Wearing Out Your Welcome - Wheel Chair Edition

Ok, so I am going to do something special this week. Basically it is just certain things that I have been noticing people doing and just taking advantage of their situations. Having to move yourself around the city in a wheel chair is a pain in the ass, I am sure. People obviously go through a very traumatic experience to end up in one. I would never fault anyone for that. With my luck, I am going to end up in one also and I would expect the same respect. I always move out of the way and make sure I am not in the lowered part of the sidewalk when I notice that there is someone who needs it. I mean, I guess I have never really seen someone not move out of the way for someone in a wheel chair so I can't really get annoyed at anyone just yet. I always walk a the hospital on my way home and see people being helped into the bus and, if they needed it, I would be more than happy to help. It is just human nature to try to help someone who is in need, or at least that is what I like to believe. Now there are the wheel chairs that you use your arms to move and the ones that are completely mechanical. Obviously different people have different needs but sometimes things seem a bit off to me.

I was walking home the other day from work and the sidewalk was relatively packed with people. I am usually pretty observant when it comes to people around me within a half a block or so. I was crossing the street and moving on to the next block. All of a sudden, a person in a mechanical wheel chair bolted around the cornet and would have ran right into me had I not moved. This person had zero regard for anyone around them. They were pretty much like one of the bikers who ride on the sidewalk where they aren't supposed to. I am not going to say they should have a lane like the bikers in the street... but makes you think, they have plenty of paint to draw some extra symbols in those lanes. I know, I can't get mad at a person in a wheel chair... but this was really hard to dismiss. They were just expecting people to move out of the way for them as they went 15 miles an hour down the sidewalk. I am usually in a hurry but never that much of a hurry. As this person zoomed by, they looked back at everyone with an evil look on their face like we should have just immediately parted for them. Yes, maybe they were in a hurry to get somewhere but saying "excuse me" still works for everyone. Some people just expect you to feel sorry for them and throw all manners out the window. I don't know their personal experience so I can't react in the proper way sometimes but this kind of thing makes me not want to. I don't run around poking people with my insulin needle if they get in my way. Just have some respect for yourself.

When I started to think about writing this, I figured I would step on a few toes but I am not trying to be an a**hole here. It is just certain people that give a bad name to an entire group. I mean, I am sure there are plenty of nice German people out there... but... ok, maybe that is a step over the line. But you know what I mean. Plenty of people in my family have needed a wheel chair here and there. I have needed one in the hospital more than one time also. It sucks, but so do a lot of other things and you have to take it in stride. Speeding down the sidewalk and then getting mad at people for not knowing you are coming... be real. This kind of thing just sticks in my mind and gives a bad name to a group of people until they redeem themselves. But hey, maybe it's just me.


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    Response: Sylvia Marion
    Wow. Its so much about the wheel chair edition. It is good to read all the detailed stuff. Now I have to say that my mind is on there too.
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