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Well, I Guess You Have To Do Something With Your Arms

Ok, so walking is something you see people do everywhere you look. Some people look normal doing it and some people seem to go out of their way to look as ridiculous as possible. Like I say at work... "It all comes back to Seinfeld." I mean, I think I would be able to compare just about every post I have put on here to an episode of that show. It really is timeless. But the episode I am referring to it the one where the people don't swing their arms when they walk. I believe they say that these people look like they are walking around and look like they are carrying imaginary suitcases. I have tried to walk around and not swing my arms when I walk but it takes a lot of effort and, when it comes down to it, I really don't care all that much. Well, I guess I didn't think I cared about it. Most people have a little swing in their arms as they walk. It is kind of like how a pigeon bobs its head back and forth with every step they take. Well, not back and forth... kind of like front to back but I can't think of the term for it and I would rather not say the wrong thing and then have to hear about it at work... every day for a week. They really do though, I didn't believe it at first but have done some serious research on this. Regardless, I notice these things obviously. There are all kinds of different swings that I have noticed in myself along with other people when I am just observing. Yeah, I am the unofficial king of people watching.

The first one I notice has to do with people that are not so thin. It also can be used for people that appear to be tired after a run or something like that but I am pretty sure you know the one I am going to focus on. They swing their arms as if they are actually trying to get a push from the wind. It is like they are swimming down the sidewalk and are using their arms to get a jump start. Like other things with overweight people, it makes me sad. When you have a group of them walking down the sidewalk you are better off just taking it to the street. Before you know it you could be getting smacked all over by people using you as a starting block in a race. I guess this is kind of a good thing though in the long run. There has to be some sort of arm workout they are getting done here so I guess it is a win for them. Maybe we can start making them wear arm weights and it can really do something useful. I mean, it will either be a workout for them or they will be too lazy to move their arms anymore and they won't be so hard to pass on the sidewalk. Win/Win.

The second one I have noticed only recently. It is mostly common in girls and a specific kind of guy, not that there is anything wrong with that. What I am saying here is that, the smaller the girl, the more wildly their arms swing. I am serious, just look around. Find a girl that is like 4'8 and 100 pounds and she is smacking anything within 2 feet of her. Not only is the swing crazy but the palm is always up in the air. It is almost like they are carrying an imaginary tray to a table with 4 or 5 plates on it. You know what I mean. I am not saying there is anything wrong with this because I am sure they aren't doing it on purpose. I am also pretty sure there isn't much they can do to change this unless they really go out of their way to realize it is going on. However, on a plus side, most of these girls I have seen around are cute so they can get away with it. I don't mind not being able to pass them so I will just walk behind and observe for now. As for the guys I mentioned above... yeah, well... it is what it is. Win/Lose.

The third situation I have noticed comes from all the homeless guys walking around the city these days. Seems like the warm weather brings them out in full effect. I am not sure if this goes along with the walking or incomprehensible yelling aspect of their lives. Some people move their hands when they talk but I am not really willing to ask and find out. They will either ask me for money, yell at me or pee in my general direction. The smell usually keeps me far away from this situation so I don't normally have to dodge them on the sidewalk but sometimes it is impossible to avoid. Lose/Lose.

I just wanted to give 3 examples with varying degrees of outcomes. You would look more awkward not swinging your arms though so maybe I shouldn't be as concerned about the people that do.  Looking back, I am not sure the first one is really a win/win but it is about as close as I can find. It isn't so much of a win for me in certain respects but it is in others. I mean, they are still in the way but that is besides the point. I am still just trying to fix the ultimate problem. I am going to bring up a position in government to be named the "Obesity consultant" and I expect you all to vote for me. It seems like every post comes back to obesity though, even when it starts out with people swinging their arms when they walk... hmm... wonder why that is. Maybe when we can lower the obesity rate down from like 60% of Americans I can give it a little less attention. People really need to watch where they are swinging those things though, they do tend to get in the way. But hey, maybe it's just me.

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