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Painful Memories... Literally...

Ok, so I have never been in a fight like I have mentioned before.  I have, however, had broken bones and ended up in the hospital because I am more of a harm to myself than other people apparently.  I broke a finger once playing basketball.  Yes, I used to play pick up games and I wasn't terrible.  I mean, people used to make fun of the way I shot the ball... but they were just jealous.  I am a 5'9 Jewish guy, therefore it just wasn't in the cards.  I also once put myself in the hospital after fireworks on the 4th one year.  I rode my bike to the near by park to watch and them, they ended, and it was time to go home.  I got on my bike and made my way back.  The bike was fine when I rode it over and didn't notice any problems.  So, either I beat the crap out of my bike on the way there or someone played a funny little joke on me and loosened the front tire.  There is a semi big hill on the way back to my parents house.  I was going down the hill and next thing I know the front tire comes off and I fell off the bike on the way down the hill.  It was ok though, I broke the fall with my face.  I slid down the bottom half of the hill and finally stopped.  There was a car coming down the street and they were able to stop in time but if they hadn't been paying attention... let's just say... things would have been a lot worse.  People came running out of their house because they had just finished watching the fireworks and I guess I must have made a noise.  I noticed my elbow was bleeding and someone eventually asked me how my head was.  I didn't even notice but I made a big gash over my left eyebrow and had to get plastic surgery to fix it.  I was as good as new after a week and I try not to think about it, so thanks for making me bring it up again.  I really do try to keep myself in situations where I don't get hurt but sometimes I just can't avoid it.

So I am taking all this medication for all that ails me and a few of the things give me dry mouth, which is a pain in the ass to say the least.  I always keep something near by to drink in case I wake up and my throat is dry.  Yesterday I happened to finish my drink before I fell asleep so I left myself with nothing.  So it must have been like 4 in the morning and I happened to wake up.  I was really thirsty and noticed I had nothing near my bed to drink and I had to go to the kitchen to get some water.  Looking back, I should have just taken a drink out of the faucet in the bathroom.  Kinda gross,  but would have been a better option.  I have been living in my place for like a year and a half so I am pretty sure of myself when it comes to getting around in the dark.  It is almost like a game to show myself that I can get to the kitchen with no light.  There is a faint light coming from the window but I am pretty good at getting where I am going without it.  Let's just say it was a perfect storm of events last night.  I drank everything I usually had around, I fell asleep in my contacts so I was rubbing my eyes the whole walk to the kitchen, and I didn't even turn on the bathroom light and tried to make the whole walk in the dark.  Yeah, sometimes I will turn on the bathroom light to give myself a little help.  I made it to about 2 feet from the fridge and started rubbing my eyes a little harder because... well, you shouldn't sleep with your contacts in and I will leave it at that.  I obviously was more concerned with my eyes than anything else because I really wasn't paying attention to where I was walking anymore.  I put out my hand because I thought I was reaching for the water sitting on the counter.  And smack.  I walked right into the wall, and not just the wall, a corner spot so I smacked my nose right into it.  It hurt like hell but all I could do was laugh.  I punched the wall a couple times but that didn't really do much.  I also might have yelled out a few choice curse words to express my dismay.  My neighbors must love me.  So yeah, I don't think I broke it so at least I have a funny story to tell people.  The only problem is that they laugh and never end up asking me if i am ok.  Thanks.

It hurt at the time but ended up going away pretty quick.  Today it pretty much only hurts when I touch it, so I touch my nose more than normal obviously.  It doesn't hurt to breath or anything so I am pretty sure it isn't broken.  There is a red mark but no black and blue bruise so I think I am all good.  It is a shame though because it was a little game to see how well I knew the apartment and get around in the dark.  Needless to say, that game is over.  I am pretty sure it is only a game because I am too lazy to turn on the light in the living room though.  Then you have to turn it off, it is just a pain and I try to do as little work as possible late at night.  So any of you out there that are concerned feel free to send me a note or flowers or something like that... it would be the proper thing to do.  I mean, I wouldn't but people should strive to be better than I.  But hey, maybe it's just me.

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