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This was MY Idea... Remember That...

Ok, so when I am home at my parents house I actually use the Keurig machine to make hot chocolate or coffee or whatever. This made me want one for my apartment, I have used it twice but that is besides the point. I am not a huge coffee drinker but I have been really tired in the morning lately so I have been thinking about giving it a try. I even went out to buy one of those reusable coffee travel mug things. I didn't originally want one but I just started cooking again in my apartment. "Again" is a very loose word though, I have lived in my apartment for about a year and a half and I noticed I didn't have a can opener, so I had to go out and buy one and I grabbed the mug for the hell of it. There was one problem however, I got the smaller of the machines and the mug is too tall for it. I have to take a piece off just to make it fit but it works. Whenever I would go to 7-11 to get coffee I would put that french vanilla coffee mate crap in it, so I started to like it. I picked up an 18 pack of the french vanilla k-cups and, as long as I use plenty of equal, I am a fan. I started bringing coffee to work so I will let you all know how it goes. So far all I have noticed is that all it has done is made me a little more "regular" if you know what I mean. I eventually wake up as the morning goes on normally so I am not sure if it is the coffee kicking in, or just the day getting started. I am also not so fond of having to bring the mug home with me every day but I guess those are the breaks.

I found that I like hot chocolate more than I remembered. It is nice to have a cup every once in a while when you hadn't had one in a while. My parents have a bunch of the Swiss Miss k-cups at home, so I will throw one in when everyone else makes their coffee. One problem... there is a ton of sugar in it and I wasn't so aware. There seems to be more sugar in one cup than in 2 or 3 cans or regular coke or Pepsi. My pounding headache was a nice reminder of that. Over the next couple weeks I would go to the supermarket and other places to try and find a sugar free hot chocolate k-cup. The brand didn't matter to me as long as it was the same idea. No dice. It seems as if they literally have everything but that. Eventually I gave in to the fact that they simply didn't exist. I went out and bought the powder stuff but it just isn't the same. Well, that and I tend to be a little lazy and it is more than a one step thing to make it. I heard they made a refillable k-cup that you could buy and fill it with your own coffee and make a cup that they maybe didn't have in the store. Here is what happened... I bought the refillable k-cup, I put the powder in and attempted to make a cup of sugar free hot chocolate, a whole bunch of brown water came out and the refillable cup was packed with gross, wet powder. Complete waste of 3 bucks. I guess powder wasn't the intended medium. Fail.

Being the go getter that I am, I decided to write an email to ConAgra to see if these things existed. I basically wrote them and said that I was looking for them and if they didn't exist, there would be a good amount of diabetics that would ultimately buy the product as well as some other, be it a small portion of society, people that could be interested. I waited a couple days and finally received an email from the company. What they said, in a nutshell, was that the sugar free product didn't exist but they would pass the email on to the product development team and see what they had to say. That was the end of it though. I wouldn't mind getting credit for the idea but, to be honest, I would just be happy if this product existed so I wouldn't have to shoot myself full of insulin before having a cup of hot chocolate. But I guess life goes on.

I have thought about opening a store of just sugar free products that I would love to see but can't seem to find. I mean, I am the target audience so I wouldn't need to do a lot of market research. I have found myself seeing stuff out there and kind of wishing there were a sugar free type. Sugar free cotton candy would be kind of cool actually. They have all kinds of sugar free attempts out there but things just never seem to taste good. I did find some sugar free peppermint patties though that tasted like the real thing but that is a 1 in 100 thing for me. I have never been a huge dessert person but that it because I have never really been able to partake in the after meal festivities. Ice cream is about the extent of what I will have. Note to all you out there... sugar free ice cream... no thanks. Some stuff looks really good but I eat so much during the meal, I don't need something to put me over the edge and have me busting out of my jeans. But hey, maybe it's just me.

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